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Toys can mean more than just having fun, they can be educational and fun at the same time. Alphabet Toys can have a good learning value and are an easy way to help your youngster become familiar with the alphabet.

We have fond memories of putting letter shapes into the right holes to complete a puzzle. Today the choice of alphabet toys available is quite diverse and ranges from classic wooden alphabet toy blocks all the way through to fully capable alphabet toys that play the sounds of each letter in the alphabet - when buttons are pressed, flash lights and more! The simple ones are often the most popular especially the foam play matts that are put together of each letter of the alphabet.

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Alphabet Train Toy

Alphabet Toys

This alphabet toy is a 28 piece train jigsaw floor puzzle and is great to help develop hand to eye coordination and awareness of the alphabet. The big pieces make it easier for little hands to put together and when complete it measures 10 feet long! This easy to clean and durable toy is a fun way to play with the Alphabet.

Alphabet Toy Foam Play Mat

Alphabet Toys

This is a large alphabet floor toy that can be connected together into a play mat or three dimensional shapes. It is a great first introduction to the alphabet and provides a soft wipe-clean foam surface to play on. There are 36 pieces which included all of the letters of the alphabet and numbers.

Alphabet Toy Lottery

Alphabet Toys

This alphabet toy is a fun and interactive board game aimed at children 3 years and over. Be the first player to find all the cards that match the alphabet letters or pictures on your lottery board. Up to four players can play this classic alphabet board game at once.

LeapFrog Lettersaurus Alphabet Toy

Alphabet Toys

A battery powered Lettersaurus alphabet toy from LeapFrog. With fun sounds and alphabet songs this is an engaging alphabet themed toy. Press one of the 26 lettered buttons to hear fun tunes and sounds.

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Why choose alphabet toys?

Early exposure to alphabet toys is a fun way for children to start building foundation skills and become aware of each letter through touch, sight and in many cases sound. Learning while you are playing is a great way to become familiar with the alphabet.

What age are alphabet toys best suited to?

Most of the toys here should be suitable for babies up to children aged 4 year. A popular age for these toys is around the 2 to 3 year age group. More details can be found by clicking each product for their product specific information. Babies can often start young with alphabet toy blocks and alphabet toy play mats and 3 to 4 year-olds are likely to appreciate the battery operated interactive toys with sounds and lights.

Alphabet toys make a good present idea for a 2 year old, 3 year old and 4.

An alphabet toy makes a great present and they are suitable for a variety of age ranges. From babies to todlers that can reach out and grab, and chew, and bash an alphabet toy can be a great option.

Solo or team playing?

Choose different alphabet toys that can be played by children on their own and some that can be played with as part of a group of two or more for added variation.

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