Alphabet Toys

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Alphabet Toys are a brilliant and easy way to help your baby or child become familiar with the alphabet. The selection available is quite diverse and range from classic wooden alphabet toy blocks all the way through to fully capable alphabet toys that play the sounds of each letter in the alphabet when buttons are pressed, flash lights and more! The simple ones are often the most popular especially the foam play matts that are put together of each letter of the alphabet.

Wooden Alphabet Toy

Alphabet Toys

This is a wooden alphabet toy with a puzzle piece for each letter of the alphabet. Place each wooden letter in the correct letter shaped space to aid letter skills. This is a toy suitable for children over one year old and will make a great addition to their alphabet toy collection.

Alphabet Bathtub Toy Letters

Alphabet Toys

Learn the alphabet while playing in the bath with these colourful alphabet bath toy stickers. This is a fun toy that will tick to the side of the bath or tiles when wet to spell out simple words. They are easy to dry and can be re-used.

Bob the Builder Alphabet and Phonics Toy

Alphabet Toys

This Bob the builder themed alphabet toy will help with phonics and alphabet learning. With four noisy game modes to play it makes a great interactive educational toy that little ones will love to get their hands on.

Alphabet Train Toy

Alphabet Toys

This alphabet toy is a 28 piece train jigsaw floor puzzle and is great to help develop hand to eye coordination and awareness of the alphabet. The big pieces make it easier for little hands to put together and when complete it measures 10 feet long! This easy to clean and durable toy is a fun way to play with the Alphabet.

Mini Alphabet Toy Magnetic Letters

Alphabet Toys

A lovely set of 40 multi-coloured lower case alphabet mini fridge magnets. The plastic alphabet pieces are an assortment of bright colours. This is a fun toy for young children to play with and become familiar with the alphabet A through to Z.

Alphabet Toy Foam Play Mat

Alphabet Toys

This is a large alphabet floor toy that can be connected together into a play mat or three dimensional shapes. It is a great first introduction to the alphabet and provides a soft wipe-clean foam surface to play on. There are 36 pieces which included all of the letters of the alphabet and numbers.

Dabble - Alphabet Game

Alphabet Toys

Dabble is a fun interactive word game and a great alphabet learning tool aimed at older children. This is a lovely toy that is designed to help build strong vocabulary, spelling and quick thinking skills. A good basic knowledge of the alphabet is needed to get going with this one.

Alphabet Toy Lottery

Alphabet Toys

This alphabet toy is a fun and interactive board game aimed at children 3 years and over. Be the first player to find all the cards that match the alphabet letters or pictures on your lottery board. Up to four players can play this classic alphabet board game at once.

LeapFrog Lettersaurus Alphabet Toy

Alphabet Toys

A battery powered Lettersaurus alphabet toy from LeapFrog. With fun sounds and alphabet songs this is an engaging alphabet themed toy. Press one of the 26 lettered buttons to hear fun tunes and sounds.

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Why choose alphabet toys?

Early exposure to alphabet toys is a fun way for children to start building foundation skills and become aware of each letter through touch, sight and in many cases sound. Learning while you are playing is a great way to become familiar with the alphabet.

What age are alphabet toys best suited to?

Most of the toys here should be suitable for babies up to children aged 4 year. A popular age for these toys is around the 2 to 3 year age group. More details can be found by clicking each product for their product specific information. Babies can often start young with alphabet toy blocks and alphabet toy play mats and 3 to 4 year-olds are likely to appreciate the battery operated interactive toys with sounds and lights.

Give me some ideas of some great alphabet toys that don't need batteries.

Battery operated toys can be really great fun but quite loud and distracting for adults! We love alphabet toys like foam bath letters and alphabet toy blocks that don't need any batteries but can be very entertaining for the right age group. They also make great present ideas.